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So let me make this easy for all, I am NOT a photographer, although I have won a contest once, I am not an underwater photographer or videographer. In fact I am really bad but I love to take pics with my little Sony Cybershot in a waterproof case that I paid more for than the actual camera! I do not have fancy lights and I generally do not even use the flash that comes with the camera. So you will see that many of my underwater pics are as you would see them if you were diving. I love the underwater world and I love taking pics. I also take a lot of land pics of the different resorts I have visited, even the bad pics are important. I try to capture what the averrage diver or traveler would see. No set ups, no special lights, just honest pics of the culture, people and the underwater world that I so love. Please enjoy!


Whale Shark Video Socorro Island Nov 2011 



Sea of Cortez Jul 2012


Roatan 2012 Turquoise Bay Resort part 1


Roatan 2012 Turquoise Bay Part 2


Puerto Galera, Philippines Feb 2013 Part 1
Dumagueti Feb 2013